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Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits for Shipboard Cable



Ripcord – Vertex Shipboard cable includes a high strength ripcord, under all bedding and overall jackets, and under the insulation on 10mm2 and larger conductors.


Provides quick and efficient removal of any length of jacket or insulation without the risk of damage to underlying components. Eliminates the risk of injury from using razor knives or blades.


Fine Copper Stranding– Vertex uses very fine

copper wire for all conductors, in accordance

with ASTM B3-01, ASTM B33-00 and IEC



Significantly increased flexibility has numerous practical benefits, including reduced installation time and easier cable handing. These benefits translate directly into reduced installation time and cost. Fine stranded conductors also offer improved performance and reliability when subjected to vibration.


Round Concentric Cores- Vertex exclusively manufactures round cores throughout its entire size range, and does not use sectorial conductors.


Standard lugs, terminals and connectors can be used, saving installation time, inventory and cost - also providing better electrical contact with standard round lugs.


Lightweight- Vertex has developed specific product ranges that have reduced weight.


Especially relevant to high speed craft, where weight saving translates into improved performance and overall cost benefits.


Small OD- Vertex has developed specific product ranges that have reduced OD's.


Additional cables can be installed within a specified cable tray, ladder or conduit. A smaller bending radius benefits tight configurations, and smaller glands reduce cost.


Flexible Construction- Vertex uses a combination of fine conductors, special compounds and manufacturing processes to produce a very flexible cable.


Reduced installation time and cost, improved bending radius and safer cable handling (especially larger sizes).


Foot marking- All Vertex cables are foot-marked as standard, with a descending number (meter marking also available).


Assists the installation process and enables accurate stock management.


Research & development- Vertex maintains a very active

R&D program, working very closely with our sales team and customers. In conjunction with our in-house laboratory, we are continually improving cable performance.


New cable technologies are introduced to our customers on an ongoing basis.


Quick response- Vertex has invested in manpower, machinery and materials to provide a short leadtime manufacturing capability.


When cable is needed urgently, either due to an emergency or unexpected contingency, Vertex has the systems in place to fast-track the manufacturing process, reducing downtime and saving time and money.


Approvals - Vertex shipboard maintains approvals from numerous certification bodies, including LR, DNV, ABS, BV, UL, CSA. If required, we also obtain specific case approval.


Reliable certification simplifies the task for procurement and engineering, saving time and money. It also allows cables left over from one project to be used for future projects.