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DV Series - Shipboard Cable

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Product Description


Flexible shipboard cable suitable for all shipboard and marine application


Conductor: Finely stranded annealed tinned copper to ASTM B3-01, ASTM B33-00 and IEC 60228. Significantly exceeds IEEE-1580 Table 11

Insulation: LSFLEX R-30 (HF-EPR), Cross-linked, Polyolefinic, Thermoset, Flame Retardant, Low Smoke, Zero Halogen

Assembly: Conductors cabled with filler as required and overall binder tape

Bedding Tape: Polypropylene

Braid/Armor Options:

Galvanized Steel Wire Braid (90%)

Tinned Copper Wire Braid (90%)

Overall Tape: Polypropylene

Jacket: LSFLEX S-50, Polyolefinic, Flame Retardant, Low Smoke Zero halogen (TPO/TPPO to IEEE-1580, SHF-1 to IEC 60092-359) Splash resistant to oil, skydrol, gasoline, acid, sea water. Resists ozone and UV.

Armor (optional): All constructions are available with Overbraid Armor of either Aluminum or Bronze.


-40˚C to 90˚C


600/1000 volts


ASTM B3-01, ASTM B33-00, IEEE-45, IEEE-1580, IEEE-1202

IEC 60228, IEC 60092-350, IEC 60092-353, IEC 60332-1

IEC 60332-3(A), IEC 60754-1&2, IEC 61034-1&2

APPROVALS: ABS, BV, DNV, LR, USCG, Transport Canada Marine Safety.   “Cable constructions, Jackets, and Inner components to UL 1309 – CSA C22.2 No. 245 for Cold Bend (-40˚C) and Cold Impact (-35˚C)